Unique essential oil blends giving you the freedom to treat your family naturally

Why choose freedom oils?

Freedom Oils offers you 10 unique signature blends which are hand crafted in small batches and made to order. They are pre diluted by age range and blended for your convenience.

Each blend has oils that have been specifically chosen for their chemical constituents and their ability to help with every day issues such as sleep, focus and calm making them your first port of call when dealing with what ever life throws at you!

This amazing plant power will assist your mind, body and soul with its 100% natural ingredients.
Freedom oils use the best quality essential oils that are not only pure, they are certified organic. This means they have been grown in a more sustainable way without the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides.

Made with love and care, all wrapped up in packaging that is eco friendly and recyclable. It's like receiving a little care package just for you.


Thank you!

"I'm pleased to say, as a busy, stressed out mumma with anxiety from day to day, I am finally having some of the BEST sleeps I've ever had in years thanks to this amazing sleep oil!"


Rolling like crazy

"I've been rolling the sneezy blend on like crazy. I swear by it and use it 3-4 times per day to help with my hay fever. I definitely notice the difference when I've forgotten to use it"


Can't remember my head hitting the pillow

"I 100% love the smell! I seriously wake up in the mornings and I cant remember my head hitting the pillow. I absolutely love this oil!"


Night ritual

"Me and my partner have both been using the sleep blend as part of daily night rituals. We have both noticed a big change in our sleep. I sleep more soundly/deeply now, even after being a very light sleeper. And they smell amaaaazing"


Better than any sleeping pill!

"I swear by this. I've had trouble sleeping solid for the last 4 years, this has helped me more than any sleeping pill"


Calm is helping me through the lockdown days

"I've been using the calming oil and man it works!! [personal medical information] def feel the oil is working to stop me tensing up, its helping me get through the lockdown days"


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