Swamp Kauri Stand - Ten Holder #2

Swamp Kauri Stand - Ten Holder #2

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Handcrafted using native New Zealand Swap Kauri.

Designed to help keep your oils organised and stop them from falling over. They are a perfect addition to your office desk, bed side table, kitchen counter or simply anywhere you want to keep your go-to oils on hand.

They are a one of a kind, no two stands are exactly the same. Limited supply.

Swamp Kauri, also known as ancient kauri, is milled from Kauri trees that have been buried and preserved in peat swamps for between 800 and 60,000 years. Some Kauri were up to 2,000 years old when they fell. New Zealanders prize swamp Kauri for its age, its appearance, and its rarity. The environment swamp Kauri is found in often hold heritage and historical value.

Sealed with polyurethane.

Holds ten 10ml roller bottles. 

Essential oils and bottles not included.