Willow 550ml Round Diffuser
Willow 550ml Round Diffuser
Willow 550ml Round Diffuser

Willow 550ml Round Diffuser

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Woodgrain ultrasonic diffuser can hold up to 550ml

Can run intermittently or continuously for up to 6 hours

Comes with a remote  

Low water level automatic shut off

No heat, cool ultra fine mist

Colour cycle light setting or 7 LED light options to choose from

This diffuser is perfect for a large space such as a living room.

Fill your space with scents that help in aiding your overall health and wellbeing. The diffuser uses no heat therefore does not harm the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. The ultrasonic vibrations make a very fine vapour in which you inhale and absorb the water carrying microscopic partials of the essential oils. 

Make your house smell amazing!

Reduce stress and anxiety

Relax and unwind

Prepare for sleep

Boost your energy levels

Eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses, purify the air

Boost your immune system

Add your desired essential oils and fill with water to the max line, turn diffuser on and enjoy!

When diffusing with pets around, allow them to have an exit route out of the room if the scent becomes too strong for them.


Size: 16.8x16.8x12cm


1 x Diffuser
1 x Wall Plug
1 x User manual
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Remote control

Essential oils sold separately 

Willow 550ml Round Diffuser
Willow 550ml Round Diffuser